Help!!!!!!!!!, My place of work encourages LAZINESS
Saturday, 25th of January 2020

How do I cope with a work environment that slows me down?
How can I increase productivity in an environment that rewards laziness?

These questions have been on my mind for a while now, coincidentally a friend of mine asked me the second question recently. 

This means that some of us are working in places where our potentials are under-utilized. It might be more appropriate to use the caption: "How do i cope at a work place that under utilizes my potentials?"

The questions above needs to be answered for two categories of people.
1.Those that are in a position to change things.
2. Those that don't have control over anything. 

If you fall under the first category ,you probably occupy a leadership position or a position where you can influence decisions made at your place of work. 
You should start by Talking 🤗🤗🤗🤔, oh yes TALKING .
You need to talk to your colleagues, managers, heads of departments e.t.c.
Point out the issues you discovered and the solutions you propose. 
I propose the following solutions 
1. Reward diligence and hard work openly.
2. Reduce incentives for laziness.
3. Keep talking about hard work and diligence.
4. Gradually take disciplinary actions against laziness.
5. Encourage and motivate people to put in their all.
6. Be careful about the whole process , so that you won't trigger rebellion. 


If you  fall under the second category, probably you don't occupy any leadership position or you are not in a position to influence decisions,you should use the extra time to your advantage.
Use the extra time for personal development, get a side business, side project, learn a skill, take an online course, learn something new, pursue your passion, spend more time with family. Just make sure you use the extra time judiciously. 
If your work place encourages laziness and still hinders you from using the extra time judiciously, I think you should LEAVE😑😕😕😕☹
Please LEAVE, you should not allow anybody waste your time like that. Life is too short to live a wasted life. Please LEAVE

Thank you for reading upto this point,you are awesome. Let me know if this post helped you in anyway.