Skinny Girl in Transit S5E12: Season Finale
Saturday, 25th of January 2020

Skinny Girl in Transit S5E12: Season Finale  #SGIT5Finale (Movie Review)

It as been a  very long and interesting season for Skinny girl in transit lovers. It feels so good to know that Tiwa and Mide finaaaaaaaly got married.

Before you go on with the review , you might want to watch the teaser for season 5

Skinny Girl In Transit Season 5 : Official Trailer


Tiwa and Mide had a lot of ups and downs in this season, It seemed they were not comaptible. Every marriage counselling session let to one issue or the other.

They were able to overcome it all  and walk throuh it together as a unit.

Derin had a change of heart and realized she has been wrong all along , she apologized to Tiwa(Tiwa wanted to faint :) :))

The wedding was really beautiful., but it seems that Derin is about to 'Have a taste of her own medicine'. Chris elder sister doesnt like the fact that she is skinny :) :) :) :)

Mohamed and Shalewa are back together.

We really hope there would be a season 6, we cant wait to see ''Derin and Chris', 'Shalewa and Mohammed', 'Tiwa and Mide Childbirth' scenes.