You do not want to be special anymore
Saturday, 25th of January 2020


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Zainab Aiyeleso

It’s about a time that you envision. A dream of a future that seems closer with each new TechGirl group you see.

A time when you are not special.

When you can walk into that tech summit without turning heads. When you do not instinctively count the number of other Ladies present.

A time when you are just another Engineer in the room whose only differentiating factor is excellence.

A dream of a time when being techie ‘Female’ is not enough to get your name on the list. When that little voice that whispers in the corners of your head no longer wonders whether you got there solely because of your skills.

You are not as special as you were 3 years back. You count more Ladies in the room than you did last year. You feel hope. You can taste that dream now.

And so with each new list that you get on, excellence based or not, you no longer entertain that voice. You now understand that being put on a stage for the world to see is the first step to getting other Ladies to join you. You can see it working.

And you smile because you know. You know the generation that will never have to wonder if they deserve that accolade is rising. They’ll already know. They will no longer be special.